Tuesday, May 24, 2011

artist spotlight: [ jason freeny ]

we all have guts on the inside. some of us have guts on the outside. [zombies] and thanks to the magic hand of jason freeny, we get to see both. for the past few months, i've been following his incredible sculpts, but never got around to posting them. then the jaws build started appearing... my god is it amazing. jason's smooth, defined style perfectly complements the coarse aesthetic.

but what's really amazing is the amount of work that he puts in to every detail. it's a wicked combination of skill and dedication that makes his pieces so jaw dropping. [npi] i love that his clay is raw. with no paint to hide his mistakes, anything less than perfection would be horribly distracting. he's also clearly got a keen eye for anatomy. there aren't exactly reference books lying around that focus on carebear skeletons. dude's amazing, simple as that.

50% skinned and still standing. and now the shark's a hat.
victory goes to noop.

eviscerated. then viscerated?

we can rebuild him. we have the technology.

teach your children about anatomy. and night terrors!

you can catch all of his new builds here. because he's cool like that.
so cool that he made this video of the magic behind the curtain. rock on.

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