Monday, May 23, 2011

one bear to rule them all.

i'm calling it a pandolar bear.
now with twice the extinction.

moon boots. pandolar bear.
skull face made of nipples, belly button and belt buckle?
check. check. and check.

this sexy little sketch by ajee is being brought to life in the wonder of three dimensions. in vinyl of course, but also fancied up in porcelain. like a toilet!
i'm not normally one to gravitate towards nudie sculpts, but this feels different. maybe it's the lack of skin tone, or the fact that i'm completely blinded by the wicked awesome bear sculpt. but, i like. fresh and stark like new snow, patiently waiting for the inevitable splatter of blood. eyes open y'all, don't let this duo slip through your fingers. oh, they're/she's called kosplay.

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